Thomas-Young Associates, Inc., established in 1961 and incorporated in 1963, is an association of engineers
  and technicians dedicated to quality and steadfast performance. For over 50 years TYA has performed Independent
  Testing and Balancing worldwide and that consistent quality and knowledge is handed down generation to generation.
   Our clients' interest is our interest.
    Thomas-Young Associates, Inc. is one of the oldest and most respected Testing and Balancing companies in the world.  We are regularly asked by clients worldwide, on land and sea, to balance or perform system analysis on their HVAC   systems. What separates us from our competitors is our in-depth knowledge of HVAC systems and our unique ability  to identify and solve the issues correctly. Our organization is made up of a team of Registered Professional Engineers and  Certified Testing and Balancing Engineers. Our technicians are Certified Testing and Balancing technicians.
       Being a certified member of AABC and ACG since our inception shows our committment to quality and to ensuring
  that our projects are performed to the highest standards in the industry.  Thomas-Young Associates, Inc. always puts
  in the extra effort on a project to ensure that the systems are working to the best of their installed capabilities and to the 
  utmost energy efficiency for the installation.  Unlike most of our competitors we understand energy and the cost of 
  that energy. We balance projects with the owner's long- term energy costs in mind, always within design intent.
  Our ability to convey accurate information to engineers, architects and owners in their own terms has made us
  very well known throughout the industry. Our technical ability to provide solutions instead of adding to a project's
  problems is also very well known throughout the industry.

      Our consistent training policy with our employees ensures that they all know the intricacies of how HVAC systems 
  operate, what type of systems are being utilized today and what new systems are on the horizon. Thomas-Young 
  Associates, Inc. takes a passionate interest in saving energy through knowledge of how all types of HVAC systems 
  operate, and we pride ourselves on that.  You cannot properly Test and Balance a system if you do not understand how
  it works or what the design intent is. Our dedication to learning and our unique understanding of HVAC systems allows us to make engineered balancing changes to an HVAC system to ensure that it is operating within design intent at optimum efficiency.